Friday, 18 February 2011

Film Magazine advertising profile and Target Reader Profile...

This magazine is aimed at the likes of those who love film; in particular independent film. The magazine explores the work of upcoming film directors who have created a range of arty, creative and quirky films to display their love for the art. Many of the films displayed in our magazine are featured at independent film festivals; whom are attended by a niche audience of film fanatics who seek to explore the world of film-from an alternative perspective with wit and imagination. 
Our magazine is aimed at a trendy and youthful audience who enjoy reading the magazine to find out about new independent films and upcoming directors. The magazine provides links to independent cinema's and festivals, film screenings and even those who love the art of film so much they can find links to film workshops and masterclasses where they can try and create their very own film. These links can be provided through such advertisements as 'What is on? and where?' Our magazine contains competitions that the readers can enter such as; 'make your own film and have the chance to be entered into a film festival' or 'Write your own review on one of our featured independent films and the best review will be featured in our magazine!' 
The articles in our magazine reflect a passion for film, they discuss the arty and imaginative concepts of new film, also talk about the directors work in creating a certain perception; for example how the director has brought contemporary issues into the film yet in an alternative fashion. The articles are very audience orientated, as there are many ways the audience can comment on reviews such as 'Call to actions' e.g. 'Join us on Twitter and let us know what you think!' and ' If you like the sound of this film you can find it on:'.
Those who write the reviews for the films have the same love for film as the target audience, they display their views for the film to which the readers can either agree with or challenge. 
 Our articles are not as stuffy and academic as Sight and Sound, it is informative yet chatty; generally consisting of an introduction of the themes, a synopsis, commentary on the directors style and narrative structure, an objective balance and finishing on a closure summary of the reviewers perception of the film as a whole. 

Target Audience Profile...
> Where do they live- Studio apartments 
> What are their hobbies- Attending film and music festivals, going to gigs, going to the cinema 
> What type of job do they have- Majority students or in the creative arts industry
>Where they like to eat- New cultural back street restaurants
>What type of music do they listen to- Alternative, Indi
>Where do they go on holiday to- They enjoy back-packing around the Asia and Oceana continents 
>What type of bar/club/pub do they go to- Fashionable new bar with a indi singer performing, not yet mainstream. In a location such as Camden, Portabello or Soho
> What are their favourite meal- Some tend to be Vegans such food as Sushi
>What do they drink- Vintage wine and classic beer

Our target audience are very open-minded, cultured and out- going. They are laid back and open to imagination and appreciate the arts in all its forms. 

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

shooting schedule

Tuesday morning 
time: 9:10
interior and exterior 
Location: school building
casting: Rosie, Danny, Abbey and Nathaniel 

The first scene we will shoot will be the montage scenes for the opening sequence. We will shoot these during our media class and with permission from our Media teacher we will hopefully be allowed to leave the classroom to shoot other montages for our film. All of us are in the same class and as a result of this we will all be there to give ideas and more hints on how to improve it. 

Tuesday afternoon 
time: 3:30 
Location: Media classroom
casting: Alice, Leigh-Anne, Rosie, Abbey, Danny, Nathaniel and James 

The next scene we will shoot will be in the media classroom after school. This scene contains the two glove groups in one room and for this scene we need more than just Rupert and Fionna. The reason why we are filming it after school is because not all of our characters have free periods together to film and as a result of this the only option left to film is after school where the media classroom is also free.

Tuesday afternoon 
time: 4:30 
Location: School gates 
Casting: Alice, Leigh-Anne, Rosie, Abbey, Danny, Nathaniel and James

Following the scene in the classroom we walk outside towards the school gate and use the same characters to film the scene when Rupert confronts Fionna when she's with her friends. We want to film all of this on the same day so that we don't have to use or rely on the other characters again.       

Wednesday afternoon 
time: 3:30 
Location: Bus stop 
Casting: James and Abbey 

The fact that we are going straight away from school to the bus stop shows that we need to do the scene as soon as possible due to the sunlight. The casting only contains two characters and this is helpful because we don't have to rely on anyone else.  

Thursday afternoon
Location: road in Ealing 
Casting: James, Abbey, Rosie, Alice and Leigh-Anne 

This scene shows Rupert and Fionna walking down her road when she sees her friends and she abandons him for them because she is embarrassed. Due to the sunlight we may not be able to film the bus stop scene and the walking down the road scene in one day. Myself and Danny will be available to film the scene and it is also helpful because Ealing is a location where all of our casting characters have to go through anyway to go home.

Thursday afternoon 
Location: Park in Ealing 
Casting: James and Abbey 

We will shoot this scene directly after the scene were Fionna abandons Rupert for her friends. 
We only need James and Abbey and because the park is in Ealing it is very convenient to get to seeing as were filming in Ealing before that. This scene is quick and short and it is for the ending of our film whereby Rupert and Fionna walk together with the same coloured gloves. 


Film Poster Planning

Film Title
GLOVES- we chose this as the title of our short film as it's simple and straightforward. The shortness of it makes it easy to remember and understandable to everyone. It also gives information about the narrative of the film as the foundation of the plot is the glove system in society. The title is also not bias to any target audience so we would gain wider audiences. Also, the simplicity of the title would intrigue and enthuse audiences to see the film as so little information is given away with the title that they may want to know what it's about and draw audiences in. 

Possible Taglines
- If you were in love with someone of a different colour- what would you do? 
- Red + Blue = Don't go there
- Gloves come in pairs...and Fiona was the perfect fit
- Gloves come in pairs but will Fiona be the perfect fit?
- Gloves come in pairs but will Rupert measure up?                                                                           
- Fiona and Rupert share a common thread but will they ever be a pair?
- Gloves come in pairs, but can an odd pair make the perfect fit?
Gloves come in pairs, but will an odd pair ever make the perfect fit?We chose this tagline because it gives information about the narrative of the short film; informing to the audience that it is a love story but not a simple, straightforward relationship but there is obstacles stopping the two people involved being together openly and happily. We used a play on words to suggest gloves in order to make the tagline memorable, catchy and effective. It also helps the audience understand more about the narrative of the short film and suggests that gloves play a key part in it. Furthermore, we chose the play on words to avoid making the tagline seem misleading implying that the short film is of romantic-comedy genre and targetting just female audiences. The tagline is still very female orientated but gives information that it's not a simple love story. 

By Rosie Sinfield and Nathaniel Yohannes

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Our Locations

Classroom in Gunnersbury Catholic School – We choose to film in a classroom for practical reason, as everyone in our group will be in school at the same time along with the majority of our cast. This scene in the classroom would be used to introduce the fact that Fiona and Rupert’s school is segregated through the colour of gloves system. Here we see Fiona and her group of friends in the classroom whilst Rupert walks in with his different group of friends who are wearing different colour gloves

Alleyway – We found that an alleyway would be an ideal location for Rupert and Fiona meeting in secret so people do not see a blue and red glove going home together alone.

Bus stop – an iconic London location used everyday by London teenagers therefore we thought it would be ideal to include in our film. Also, London transport is the main way teenagers get from A to B. The bus stop is also round the corner from our school therefore it would be practical for us.

Bus – On the Bus we see Rupert’s resentment and embarrassment in being part of the blues, we choose filming on a bus because they’re would be everyday Londoners on the bus therefore the audience would be able to relate to them being on the bus instead of walking down an ordinary street.

On the street – We choose this location for the scene because we see Fiona panicking because of the fact that her friends are approaching and she’s with Rupert and they would have strong views on her being with him especially as he’s from a different coloured glove.

His room – The room would be a typical 17/18-year-old boys room, were using one of our rooms due to practical reasons and the fact we have no budget to our short film.  

Park – This is our final location, which would be a public London park that the audience would be able to relate to. This location is very accessible to everyone in our group as there are parks everywhere. We found that parks are used a lot by teenagers on the weekend therefore it would be ideal to show Rupert and Fiona’s first sign of public solidarity.

By Danny and Nathaniel

Second draft of Script...

Various groups of people wearing a set colour of gloves- socialising, eating food (sandwiches, burger etc..), couple holding hands, pupils on phones/texting, typing on a laptop, spudding to greet, makeup being applied etc...
RUPERT (Blue Gloves) and his friends enter a classroom
FIONA (Red Gloves) with her friends are socialising in this classroom doing some work, having a laugh.
Rupert is the voice over introducing the way of life for the glove system in society.

This is my school and these are my fellow students. Note how all the groups of friends are wearing the same colour gloves. Your gloves determine who you socialise with, walk with, eat with and even talk to. Society has been divided. You're either blue or red and that's how it is. No-one dares challenge the colour of their gloves or you'd be shamed. This is me, my name is Rupert; eighteen years old, only child, grade-A student and part of the Blues. This is Fiona, the love of my life- she is part of the Reds.

RUPERT and friends sit in the room where Fiona and her friends are.

They draw eye contact- so to display the fact that they are the main two protagonists held back from the likes of their fellow gloves.

FIONA and RUPERT exit classroom in their coloured groups. RUPERT waits round the corner for FIONA and when he sees her he approaches her and is upset by the fact she ignores him.

Why do you always ignore me? I know I'm Blue but you are so cold to me.
You know its not right for us to be together in public; Red and Blues aren't meant for eachother, but us were different.

RUPERT- Sighs takes Fionas hand and they walk to the bus stop together. They sit at the bus stop waiting for the bus to come. Fiona explains to Rupert how its just too soon to let her friends and family know that they are together.

They get off the bus near to Fiona's house. They walk and talk.

I'm not doing it any more Fiona, I love you and can't bare to be so apart from you, forget what everyone thinks/knows as right lets be together. You either show what we have... or lose me.

Just as Fiona goes to reply she see notices her fellow Reds accross the road entering a shop, she pushes Rupert round a corner- to his humiliation. Quickly says goodbye and runs over before they notice that shes with Rupert (a BLUE-Forbidden and wrong in the eyes of the Reds)
Fiona unaware of how she's left Rupert feeling heads out with her friend's
Rupert is left heading home sad and upset over Fiona's approach to their relationship.
A mellow and dull score is played over this slow stroll back to his house.

RUPERT sits at his desk attempting to do some homework, distracted by his thoughts of Fiona and saddened at how his love for her has been taken away by the colour of his gloves he spots a RED felt tip on his desk and attempts to colour in his gloves. This Fails
He tries to pull the treads of the glove to unravel the colour and rip them up. This fails.
He goes in the kitchen and finds his mums dye and pours it in a bowl, he dies them red and leaves them to dry, seeming slightly happier he turns around and sees them BLUE. This attempt also fails.
He takes his gloves off and puts them in his draw, fed up he lays his head in his hands when he takes his hands away again the gloves appear on his hands. He marches into the kitchen and dumps the gloves in the bin. He returns to his bedroom. Rupert lays on his bed picks up a book to read. His mum comes in with the gloves.

Rupert I found your gloves in the bin? You must have misplaced them.

RUPERT snatches the gloves and puts them on ignoring his mum and in a strop sinks into his bed.
(This scene will be accompanied by a voice over of Rupert explaining how the gloves are something you have to live with and how many attempts to lose them they will always be a part of you... if people's attitudes changed then maybe gloves will not play such a role in society and people could have what they wanted. He wants Fiona.)
Rupert has given up on trying to hide the fact that he is from the BLUE gloves and lies on his bed and text's Fiona saying- This is it. Mine tomorrow 9am. Or forget us. love Rupert. x
RUPERT switches off the light and goes to sleep.

We see the outside of Rupert's house.
Footsteps approach the gate. A RED GLOVE presses the door bell

A zoom out slow motion view of Rupert and Fiona in public walking to school together. The gloves they wear a matching- YELLOW.

This short scene is accompanied by a voice over of Rupert summing up the short film. He explains how together they have overlooked the colour of their gloves and the views of society to be together and that society are beginning to come to terms with the integration between the two gloves.

Fades out to credits.

Commentary on first and second version of Script...

I have slightly changed my first version of the Script; in one scene Fiona and Rupert are located on a bus talking, this location seemed inconvenient to film in. As a bus is for all of the public to use, we cannot control who and who will not be caught in the shots we take. Through out the short film all characters should be wearing either blue or red gloves to signify the group they come from in society, if we were to use the bus it would be hard not to catch people from the public's hands who wouldn't be wearing gloves. Other problems with shooting on a bus would be if the bus driver was not happy with the use of a video camera, we cannot determine how busy a bus will be at any time of the day that we choose to shot that particular scene. Also if the bus was busy it may be hard to get the good quality shot we are looking for as there could be background sounds such as crying babies and people talking. Furthermore people of the public could find filming around them uncomfortable. Instead of having to deal with these possible problems we have decided to show Rupert and Fiona at the bus stop conversing, we will then show them getting on the bus. Then them getting off the bus at Fiona's road where Rupert continues what he has to say before interrupted by Fiona noticing her friends across the road. To make it look as though we have not missed a scene and deliberately cut out footage of the bus journey, we will show the passage of time to the new destination through a transition; in the editing stage. This script outlines the basis of our film, through the locations, times of day, characters in the scene and the main things that are happening. We will use this script to help us when designing a detailed storyboard which will then go on and help save time when filming as we will know exactly what is going on in each scene and with the storyboard what the specific shots should look like. 


James Shaw = Rupert

James Shaw is a well-spoken British born individual. His outlook towards life is very unique and this is why he fits Rupert’s role within our film. Rupert within our film wears blue gloves and he is considered to be the ideal student who does his work and values his education over his social life hence the reason why he cant wear the same colour gloves as Fiona. His nerdy look is well represented through the actor of James Shaw due to his physical presentation and body language. Rupert’s unconventional attractiveness would also be well represented by James Shaw due to his innocent schoolboy look and weird haircut. The fact that James Shaw is also from a white background plays an in-significant role in our play, as gloves are a symbol of race instead of physically casting people from two different cultures/races.

 Abbey Salmon = Fiona

We were initially going to have Fiona being played by a black female as we wanted to portray the difficulties couples may experience when two different races come together despite London being heavily multicultural and improvements in racial integration there is still tension between different races in today’s society.  However we didn’t want our story to be solely focused on race. Through the glove system we wanted to show all the factors that could contribute to keeping couples apart such as, class, religion, age, area etc. Fiona is part of the red gloves and is considered ‘as the girl next door’ as she is a typical attractive 18-year-old girl and this is well represented through our actress Abbey Salmon.

 Fiona’s group of friends = Rosie Sinfield, Alice Harmes, Leigh-Anne Davis

Fiona’s friends do not really contribute to the narrative as much as Rupert and Fiona however they are key, as they are the only things holding Fiona back from being with Rupert. Society and more importantly her friends will make her question whether it is all worth it and as a result of this, this also brings in the theme of peer pressure. The reason why we chose these characters was because our initial idea was to cast Fiona’s family as the people who rejected the idea of being with Rupert, however we found difficulties with shooting schedules and finding appropriate family members to use as characters. As a result of this we chose people the same age as us to fill this void due to their availability and better suitability to our film.  

By Nathaniel & Danny

Synopsis Commentary

Our film was initially about skin colour and the divisions between difference races in society.  We changed the plot from being about the colour of people’s skin to the colour of gloves. The gloves will represent skin colour and we have chosen to represent it through different colours of gloves as it would emphasise and expose the ridiculousness of people not being able to be together due to the colour of their skin. We chose to have gloves symbolising race in order to make the film more experimental and take advantage of the fact that we are making a short film so we have the opportunity to explore quirkier cinematic themes. Additionally, after researching many short films we realised that our original idea for the short film was more appropriate for a mainstream feature film that could explore the serious themes in greater depth with a bigger budget. Using gloves as a symbol of race it can be representative of other things such as religion it was also to be able to show our themes subtly and not just show it through the colour of their skin. We decided to include our initial synopsis in order to show our development in planning and how our ideas have changed through the research process.