Monday, 10 January 2011

Analysis of Film Posters

'Salt' produced in 2010 and directed by Philip Noyce
The first thing that audiences see when they look at this poster is the word 'SALT'; it is emphasised through the wide text and it's contrast with the colours behind. the fact 'salt' is a one syllable word makes the title memorable and stand out and makes the audience question what 'salt' means in terms of the film- is it a person's surname? is it literally referring to salt? is it in reference to the content of the film and something that happens within it?
Angelina Jolie's name is also very evident and highlighted on the film poster. Unquestionabley, her name is shown centrally on the film poster and quite largely because Jolie is a world reknown actress that many people would recognise and identify as an established and successful actress. This would draw audiences in and make the film more credible as many people would be intrigued to see what Jolie's new film is like after having been familiar with many of her previous films. Additionally, it can be argued that Jolie is a controversial figure in Hollywood due to her often exposed private life therefore many people, whether they respect her as an actress or not, may just want to see her film in order to form an opinion on her whether it is to criticise or praise.
Furthermore, the photo of Jolie used on the poster is of significance; it shows her pouting with accentuated cheek bones and a sexy stare. This image is taking advantage of Jolie's attractiveness in order to sell the film and to appeal to the male audiences that may have initally been put off the film as the protagonist is a woman. The all black outfit suggests that Jolie is wanting to go unnoticed and may be undercover which is informing people of the narrative of the film. Also, the stare to the left implies she is preparing to fire her gun and is aiming at a target. This suggests to the audience what genre the film would be, action and crime, and whether it would be something they'd enjoy. Also, the rule of thirds compositional technique is used in order to make the poster more memorable and of higher interest. Jolie is placed in one of the imaginary thirds of the image in order to create more energy; it would have been a lot less effective if Jolie was just placed in the centre of the image.
The blurred background image gives information away on what the film is about suggesting that events in the film are taking place rapidly and simultaneously. Whereas, Jolie's image is completely in focus implying that she is composed, in control of power and knows what she is doing. This may entice female audiences into the film as it shows a woman taking on the stereotypical role of a man being strong and brave protecting people in a misogynistic society. The use of an orange/brown/white colour pallet makes the film neutral to both genders so it appeals to wider audiences.
The tag line 'Who is Salt?' is effective as it makes audiences question who she is and realise they want to know. It provokes audiences to think that the film may be of a hybrid genre and have elements of mystery in it that they themselves will have to solve throughout the film. The use of the question also reaches out to audiences and makes it as though they are being personally questioned. The billing block beneath the title of the film 'Salt' formalises the film and gives audiences a 'call to action' informing them of the website of the film so that they can immediately research the film for themselves.
'The Blind Side' produced in 2009 and directed by John Lee Hancock
The emphasis of the poster for this film is the image of Sandra Bullocks and Quinton Aaron. The tender hand Bullock's character has on his back immediately tells audiences that the story is going to be of a Drama genre and the foundation of the plot will be the relationship between the two characters. The clear height difference is contradicted by the hand of Bullock on Aaron's back making audiences recognise that the film could challenge preconceptions and stereotypes of young black males. Although you cannot see the characters faces, it is obvious that they are looking at eachother as though they have a connection or a mutual respect for one another giving information to audience about the narrative of the story.
It is of significance that we only see the backs of the characters as it could symbolise how Aaron's character is establishing his identity throughout the film and in order to understand his personality and watch him establish an identity he is comfortable with you need to watch the film. It could also be depicting or symbolise shame or embarrassment that his character has also informing the audience about content of the film. The fact the two characters pictured are wearing similar coloured clothes suggests that, despite their physically differences such as their height, they have a connection and that their characters are intertwined. The way that the characters are slightly in shadows draws attention to them and keeps the emphasis on them and not the background. The way in which the two characters are walking off into the distance suggests to the audience that their is hope and a bright future for the characters shown.
The wide lense used for the background image shows an American football pitch and implies that the story will involve sport. This may appeal to audiences who like or have a passion for sport and be aiming to reach out to male audiences who might have seen the film as quite feminine. Additionally, the title of the film 'The Blind Side' is a sporting term used in football that would interest and catch the eye of many sporting fans and widen the audience. It is also a play on words of how Aaron's character is someone that people have 'turned a blind eye' to and rejected throughout his life. Additionally, the use of a wide lense showing the background image ahead of the characters is at a slight curved angle suggesting that the characters are slightly anxious and confused about the future.
The 'based on the extraudinary true story' may appeal to many audiences as 'extraudinary' implies that the story is about over coming troubles and being courageous and the best you can be; playing on people's emotions and making them feel the film will be moving and of importance. Also, it is highly emphasised on the poster as it contrasts with the light blue of the sky. The fact that only Bullock's name is shown on the poster is to take advantage of her earned fame as a credible actress and make sure audiences know that an A-list film star is featured as the protagonist in the film. Many people in her wide fan base would want to see the film and her role in the film may make audiences feel the film is more respectable.
The 'call to action' is evident at the bottom of the poster giving audiences information on the film date in order for them to see it when it's released.

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