Friday, 28 January 2011

Final draft of Synopsis

In a world determined by the colour of your gloves, colour is everything. It also means heartbreak for eighteen year old Rupert who's in love with a girl of a different colour. Fiona, beautiful, popular and way out of Rupert's reach, wears red gloves. Rupert, on the other hand, a kind-hearted, smart and genuine person is tragically a world apart from Fiona due to the colour of his blue gloves. It is forbidden and unheard of that people of different gloves have relationship and as their love blossoms and becomes increasingly serious they have to ask themselves whether they are prepared to risk their reputations, glove colour and, essentially, their lives for the sake of their relationship. A distraught Rupert tries many failed, desperate attempts at changing the colour of his gloves in order to gain acceptance by the Reds. Fed up and upset, Rupert is tired of hiding and offers her the ultimatum of revealing their relationship to their judgmental critics; their families and fellow glove members or forgetting about their passionate love affair. Will Fiona break the social conventions and throw away her loyalty to her gloves for Rupert?

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