Friday, 21 January 2011

Designing our Film Poster- Rule of Thirds

When creating the poster for our film it is important to understand compositional techniques that would be effective in making the poster memorable and, essentially, sell the film. The rule of thirds is used in visual arts such as photography, art and design that divides an image into nine equal sections- two equally spaced horizontal lines and two equally spaced vertical lines. The subject of the image or compositional elements should be placed within these intersections or along the line. It is believed that following the rule of thirds is more effective in creating energy and interest to an image and placing the subject/s of the image within the nine sections than just typically centering the subject. The image on the right uses the rule of thirds in photography. I put the grid of two horizontal and vertical lines, creating nine equal sections, on top of the image to show how the rule can be applied to this image. The puppy's body is in alignment with the second horizontal line and the head and lower body are both aligned with the two vertical lines. This makes the photograph more appealing and energetic; if the dog had been simply placed in the centre it would look typical and boring. The image on the right is of the film poster for 'The Holiday' 2006 a romantic comedy directed by Nancy Meyers. The poster abides by the rule of thirds which is evident through the grid applied on top of the poster. Both of Diaz and Law's chins are aligned with the vertical line and Winslet and Black's eyebrows are both aligned with the bottom vertical line. Additionally, the title fits within the middle third very accurately. Furthermore, all the actors are placed along the lines; Winslet and Law are significantly put in the same compositional place on the poster. It is important to understand this concept when designing our film poster in order for it to be a success and look professional.


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