Friday, 28 January 2011

First Draft of Synopsis

Toby and Amy are both seventeen years old born, raised and living in west London but, despite the similarities they share, they are worlds apart. Amy is from a wealthy upper middle class family living in an affluent area of west London with parent's enforcing a strict and rigid approach to her upbringing. Their high expectations for Amy would be shattered if they knew about her passionate and inseparable relationship with lost soul, African-born Toby. In recent years Toby's life has been a series of incidents with the police, violating his area of White City with his friends executing fear and abandoning his education..all until he met Amy. All of a sudden what seemed of importance to him dramatically changed as he has to start reassessing his values and morals if he wants to keep Amy. That's not the only obstacle he must overcome; Toby's friends have a painful amount of resentment and bitterness towards white, wealthy people like Amy and have great influence over Toby. Will their differences in race, class and company be enough to keep them apart? And will their families and friends be able to accept their desire to be together?

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