Thursday, 13 January 2011

The Purpose of a Film Magazine Review

The main purpose of a magazine film review is to provide information and opinions about films about to be released. Without question, film reviews in magazines provide a synopsis of the film. The depth of detail the synopsis may have varies with different magazines; for example, 'Sight and Sound' is renown for giving a detailed synopsis on up-and-coming films and are notorious for giving away many spoilers within them. Opinions on the actors in the film are given, there is commentary on the director's style and narrative structure and there is often an overall opinion given on the making of the film; an example of a negative respsonse that 'Sex and the City 2' was given, being slated by a 'Telegraph' critic that wrote in May 2010 "I lost count of the number of times the filmmakers dropped the word “sparkle” into the script; no doubt they thought they were going for gold, but they’ve created a load of Ratners." (reference- Film magazine reviews often have the purpose to give brutal and ruthless opinions on films that criticse in order for an objective balance is to be achieved and for people to read honest, unbiased reviews of a film.
Additionally, the purpose of a film magazine review is to introduce themes and subject matter helping people establish whether the film would be suited to them and whether it's of their taste. For example, if a reader of a film magazine reads that a film they were initially interested in was misleading and didn't have the themes in it, for example, that they'd thought then a film review could explain this in detail and show the person that the film is not for them. Film reviews in magazines allow audiences to understand more about the new role of the actor starring in it and the director's approach to the film and its style. Many well established actors that are well-known will have highly anticipated films that will be reviewed critically and allow many audiences in their fan base or who knows of them to read about their new work. Angelina Jolie and Director Clint Eastwood are commented on in a 'Guardian' film review of Changeling in 2008- "He handles a big, long picture with directorial calm and strength, and Jolie's performance has the same qualities, along with intelligence and dignity." This review's purpose was to comment on the worldwide known star of the film and its director (Changeling trailer-
Magazine film reviews cater to audiences who are looking for an expert 'third' opinion on the suitability of a film. Many people will look to their favourite film critic in a certain magazine to give an opinion on a film that they are interested in as they trust that critic's opinion and regard it highly. For example, a 'Total Film' reader may favour Jamie Graham's straight-forward writing style that makes reference to other actors, films and directors throughout in a colloquial style over 'Sight and Sound' critic Philip Kemp that uses embedded quotes from the film throughout and descriptive writing and often trust their favourite critic's opinion over others as they feel they agree and can relate to their views. Also, the purpose of a film magazine review is so people that cannot make their mind up about a film and whether it is worth their money can seek a third party's opinion. Furthermore, film reviews in magazines use star ratings which have the purpose of summarising how successful the film is overall.
Film reviews in magazines are often used to market a film due for release and often provide an unbiased opinion on the film. Film magazine reviews are hugely important for film marketting as they have a wide influence on many people and reach out to all audiences. For example, niche and alternative audience's are targetted by film magazine 'Little White Lies' whereas, on the opposite end of the scale, wide and majority audiences are targetted by in-house magazines such as 'Pre-vue'. A magazine such as 'Pre-vue' differs greatly from other film magazines as it is made purely to market up-and-coming mainstream, feature films. No criticisms are offered as the reviews are intended to promote and sell the film in order for the cinema Vue to make money.

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