Saturday, 8 January 2011

How would British Board of Film classification BBFC certificate affect potential audiences for short film? Which classifications are most appropriate?

12A: May be unsuitable for children under 12. Those under 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times (in cinemas).

12. Nobody younger than 12
may rent or buy any form of media with this certificate.

Personal response:

With our theme of racism still being alive within our community parents may feel that our theme of racism could upset children of the age of 12 or under and so for this reason I don’t think a 12 or 12a would be appropriate for our film. Our use of language within our short film will contain a lot strong language and to portray our theme of racism we will also be using racist terminology which could also be unsuitable for young children of the age of 12 or younger.

Effects of have having a 12 Certificate

If our film was to be certificated as a 12 this would have a huge effect upon our target audience. Our target audience is between 15-25 and by certifying our film as a 12 it would demonstrate that we may have to lower our target audience. People at the age of 15 or above who are looking to watch a social realist film are more likely to watch it when the film is certificated as a 15 not as a 12 and as a result of this we may not have the initial success we would have wanted for our film .

15: Suitable only for those over the age of 15. Nobody younger than 15 may rent or buy any form of media with this certificate.

Personal response

The 15 certificate for our group would be the most ideal certificate for us to be given. The reasons for this are because we meet the criteria for it and because we feel our target audience would be categorised between the ages of 15-25. Our misuse of drugs, limitation of strong language and racism tick all the boxes for the 15 certificate.

Effect of having a 15 certificate

If our film was to be given the 15 certificate it would be much easier for us to reach our target audience. The majority of films which contain the theme of social realism are 15 or above and so by gaining this certificate we are showing our audience that our film also contains some significant information about the topic of racism.

18: Suitable adults only. Nobody younger than 18 may rent or buy any form of media with this certificate.

Personal response

It would be very hard for our film to be categorised as an 18. Although it would enable us to tackle the problem of racism in much more depth and also tackle stereotypical views of people, due to our target audience I don't feel that we as a group would tackle that problem in that much detail.

Effects of having an 18 certificate

If our short film was to be rated as an 18 certificate it would be clear to suggest that we wouldn’t be able to reach out a large audience due to the fact that our target audience is 15-25 and by having an 18 certificate on there we are limiting people from the ages of 15-17 to watch it. However there are also positives in making it an 18 due to the fact that it allows us to create in more depth the harsh realities of racism in the UK.

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